More about Moises Salinas Fleitman:

Dr. Moises Fleitman Salinas is a Cross Cultural Psychologist, an expert in stereotypes, prejudice, ethnic identity and conflict resolution. Born in Mexico City, Dr. Salinas completed his BA degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Educational Psychology. In 1998, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Salinas then moved to Connecticut where he worked as a Professor of Psychology and Chief Diversity Officer at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). In 2011 he was named Academic Director at Hebraica University and in 2013 Rector (President) of ORT University México.

He has published a large number of articles and chapters on areas related to cross-cultural, educational and social psychological issues. His latest book in Spanish, on education for the digital era, is called “Tu hijo en el centro” and was published by Random House. His previous books where on the Psychology of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, published by Greenwood-Praeger in June, 2007, “Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Perspectives on the Peace Process” recently published by Cambria Press, and “The Politics of Stereotypes: Affirmative Action and Psychology” published in 2003.

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